XC Skiing Downhill-The Step Turn

We’re back today with the last video portion of our cross-country ski series.

We’re covering what I like to call ‘the big 5’ techniques of basic nordic skiing: the diagonal stride, double pole, herringbone, snowplow and today the step turn.

The step turn is my favorite of downhill techniques on cross-country skis because unlike the snowplow it allows the skier to maintain their momentum while staying in control on a downhill. Speed is good on downhills, because often a downhill leads to an uphill and who wants to climb a hill if they could just use the momentum from a downhill to glide up it?

The step turn is a bit more of an advanced ski technique, so we’d recommend practicing on a gentle to moderate downhill and groomed tracks if they are available.

The key points are to maintain flex in your knees and ankles and to make quick little steps with your skis as you go around a corner.

Anyone else have any pointers to make good step turns?


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