What To Put in Your XC Ski Wax Kit

So, you’re new to the awesomely fun sport of cross-country skiing. You’ve purchased a pair of skis, boots, bindings, and poles. You’ve checked our our tutorials on kick and glide waxing skis and the next step is to figure out just what you need to get started waxing skis.

While each skier has different opinions over what needs to be in a wax kit, below is what we recommend. We like to keep things simple!

For glide wax:

The basic glide wax kit. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or expensive!

  • An iron
  • A ski bench or set of vices (not pictured)
  • Wax (stick with the basics, a hunk of green, blue, violet and yellow)
  • A groove scraper
  • A flat scraper
  • A nylon brush
For kick wax:

You don’t need much to get good kick out on the trails!

  • 2 synthetic corks (1 for warm waxes, 1 for cold waxes)
  • Wax (a canister of green, blue, violet, and red)
  • 1 tube of universal klister
  • 1 putty knife
  • 1 can of base cleaner
  • A bunch of coffee filters

We’ve kept the list minimal. Of course if you’re into racing you’ll want to invest in fancy glide waxes, a respirator to protect your lungs from certain types of wax, a wider range of brushes, and so on.

You can store your wax kit in a big ziploc bag, a canvas recycle bag, plastic box, or tool box. Glide wax and kick wax both serve a very different purpose and should not be mixed so we recommend storing glide wax and tools separate from kick wax and tools so there’s not the temptation to mix and match.

Is there anything else that you’d put in a wax kit for a beginner skier?

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