What To Pack For a Day of Cross-Country Skiing

What’s in your daypack?

As our cross-country ski series continues, earlier this week we discussed what to wear on the trails and today we’re going to talk about what to pack for a day out on the trails.

Since everyone packs just a little bit differently, here are a few things that are in our packs. We modify the contents of our pack based on our location, the weather, the duration of the trip and so on.

If we’re going to be skiing for just a few hours on groomed trails we just pack water, a small snack, kick wax and a cork and that’s about it.

If we’re going to be off on ungroomed trails for a day-long adventure our packing list gets a little bit more detailed. We like to bring along water, plenty of food, kick wax and a cork, an old poncho to sit down on for lunch, a map, compass and a GPS, first aid kit, sunscreen, a tiny bit of duct tape (to patch up a broken ski pole), and if we’re feeling adventurous our jetboil and a few light mugs for hot chocolate or soup.

For our toddler, we bring 1-2 diapers, wipes, a light blanket, and a few small toys, all of which fit nicely in the Chariot. But we leave bulky blankets, extra clothes, extra diapers and excess food in the car. When we’re toting around a kid we try to play it on the cautious side and stick to areas with little avalanche danger and less technical terrain.

What’s in your daypack when you ski?

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