Hydration on the Ski Trails

It’s easy to forget about hydration when it’s a cold winter day and you’re out on the trails. However, when you’re working up a sweat cross-country skiing or snowshoeing (especially at altitude) it’s vital to drink.

There are several great options for hydration devices, each has it’s pro’s and con’s, and those pro’s and con’s are more personal preference than anything else.

Here are a few things that we do a few things to stay hydrated.

  • If we know we’re going to be going on a crazy hard or long ski, we pay attention to what we’re eating and drinking the day before.
  • It’s no fun to drink alone! This means that if Al is sipping from a water bottle, it’s a visual reminder for me to stop and drink and encourage our trail toddler to drink too (even if he’s just enjoying a free ride in the Chariot).
  • Nothing tastes better than a cup of tea, cider or hot chocolate on the way down the mountain. Often we’ll leave a thermos with boiling water or our jet boil in our car. Then we’ll enjoy a cup of warm goodness when we’re done skiing. Hot chocolate isn’t the best source of nutrition, but it’s a good tasting way to up the fluid levels.

How do you stay hydrated on the ski trails?

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