How to get up when you fall on XC ski’s

When it comes to skiing we’ve all been there, trying to get up after a fall. It can be something as simple as a little fall while trying to put your ski’s on or a major collision with a snow bank during a backcountry adventure.

So far in our cross-country ski series we discussed equipment, clothing, waxing skis, and a little bit about how to ski. Today’s post is probably the most important of them all, how to get up when you fall on cross-country ski’s.

What’s your most epic fall? Mine occurred when I was going off of a homemade jump on some wicked fast icy snow. I did a face plant and acquired some “road rash” on the left side of my face just a few hours before a high school dance. As if high school dances weren’t already awkward enough for a nerdy nordic skier!


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