How to Acquire Used Cross-Country Ski Equipment

As part of our ongoing cross-country ski series we’ve talked about a few things you need to know before purchasing gear and heading up to the mountain. Today we’re going to talk about equipment, more specifically where to find used Nordic ski equipment and give away some equipment (keep reading).

There are many advantages of going with used equipment over new, especially if you are a novice or on a tight budget or you simply would like to save equipment from the garbage. Until I got serious about racing all of my equipment came from the annual ski swap or a second-hand gear store.

The first thing to know when shopping for equipment, new or used is what you are looking for and more specifically your sizes. We’ll get to types of equipment and sizing next week.

The second thing to know is where to shop. Here are a few of our favorite ways to find used cross-country ski equipment.

  • Join a local ski club, get to know the members, and ask around to see if anyone has any equipment they are looking to get rid of.
  • Talk to ski shops, rental places, and ski areas to see if they have any demo or rental skis that they are willing to sell.
  • Check out garage sales, consignment stores, thrift stores, e-bay, craigslist, used gear shops, ski-swaps, and online gear boards. You might have to sort through some clutter (both in person and online) but if you’re looking for a deal you’re bound to eventually find one.
  • Talk to your skier friends and family and see if they have gear to sell or if they will help you spread the word within their community and social media sites about what you want. “Single male, 6’2, 175 pounds in search of waxless touring skis for a long term relationship”.
Here are a few things to check when you purchase used equipment:
  • The price, don’t get hosed. And for those of us old, worn out racers we need to be honest with ourselves. We may have paid $400.00 for that pair of fast skis, added bindings, and a lot of kick ass wax but if they are 10 years old and the bases are scratched we can’t expect someone to purchase them for $300.00.
  • The condition. Where have the ski’s, boots, bindings, poles been? If they’ve been well-loved (abused) how much time and money do you want to put into repairing them?
  • The fit. More coming soon on fitting XC ski equipment.

And if you’re like me and in danger of becoming a hoarder because of all the equipment that you can’t seem to part with, think about taking the plunge and passing it on to someone who can use it, abuse it, and love it.

And if you’ve got a piece of equipment, any outdoor equipment that you’d like to pass along to someone else, send me an email with a description of the equipment, price, and a photo or two and we’ll promote it on our blog and social media sites to help connect you with someone who may want your used gear.

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  1. Mary |

    I am looking for cross country skis for sking in my neighborhood. I live in suburbia and we have plowed roads and snow mobiles riders on our roads. I am 5’6″ and I weigh over 200 pounds non waxing skis

    • Rebecca |

      Hi Mary, thanks for the question. I have a few thoughts to help you find some skis. Do you live near a used gear store or in a ski town that has a ski swap every fall? We’ve found great deals on equipment at ski swaps, so that’s definitely something to check on. If not, we’ve found good deals through REI and you can buy them with the bindings already mounted. Good luck! Think snow 🙂

  2. Sandra |

    Hi Rebecca,
    I’m sure it’s too late to receive these roller skates, but I thought I would give it a shot.
    My name is Sandra Furuvald, my husband is Hilmar. He is from Norway and we live in SouthernCalifornia. I workout regularly and this past December found a love for running. However, my husband has not found something he loves to do to stay in shape! Therefore, he doesn’t do much of anything. However, he used to do cross country skiing and expressed that if we had these roller skis he would do that rather than running.
    I love mixing up my workout so I too would go for the roller skis.
    We are in our late forties and believe in a balanced lifestyle, exercise being apart of that, to stay youthful
    If you still have these or know where to get two pair of roller skis, we would appreciate you contacting us.
    Thank you for your consideration,

    • Rebecca |

      Hi Sandra,

      We’ve donated both of our pairs of rollerski’s. But, a good place to look for some might be to check in with a ski club in your area, if there is one and see if anyone has a pair they are ready to part with. If you can’t find a local ski shop, keep a look out on the blogs and social media sites of some skiers, you never knew what you can find. Thanks and good luck!

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  6. Christi |

    We’d love to have one or both pairs of these skis.

    We are a unique Collegiate Ski Team. We are classed as a Club at UW but race Division I during the season and have won Division II as a team eight times.

    As a club we have athletes who have never skied before and those who have gone on to sponsored teams. Beginners to National Champions.

    We do our best to keep the cost as low as possible for our athletes, many of whom come from small towns in Wyoming from poor to modest households. Most of them do not have rollerskis and when the decision comes between buying rollerskis and actual skis we always err on the side of skis! This is not always a problem because we are generally able to ski here from October until May but this year it looks like we’ll be rollerskiing right through to Christmas break.

    We appreciate the opportunity to put more of our athletes on rollerskis.

    This is a great site that I’m going to have to explore more!

    • Rebecca |

      Thanks Christi, we’ll be in touch. And we’d love to help whether you need timers at a race or whatever you need. We’d like to be involved and support the team in any way that we can.


  7. douglas |

    I could use a pair of rollerskis because I’m afraid it will never snow again, but in the spirit of fairness, I will put my name in at the low end of priority because I have access to new ones anytime I want to spend money. But don’t think for a second that I won’t continue to push like a dealer on the streets of NYC. I’m a total believer in your cause, and want to someday meet someone on trail that gives your site credit for getting them off the couch and Into the Wild (only without the whole eat the wrong berry and die aspect)

    • Emily |

      I could use a pair because that’s my husband up there and I don’t like to be left out :p

    • Rebecca |

      Ahhh, thanks for liking us Doug and I’ve heard that the UW ski team might be into doing a naked snow dance. We’ll see if it works.

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