FAQ’s About Cross-Country Skiing

Lately we’ve received several questions about our cross-country ski series and cross-country skiing in general. As we wrap up our ski series we want to answer a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Where is a good place to buy a equipment package for cross-country skiing?

Package deals (skis, boots, bindings, poles) can be a great way for a new skier to get equipped. They also have the added bonus of ensuring that equipment, specifically boots and bindings are compatible. Our favorite place for package deals is REI but it’s also good to check out your local ski shop. One note of caution with a package deal though, usually one or two pieces of equipment are of lower quality. For example, ski’s, boots and bindings may be good but poles may not be.

What is a good age to teach children to ski?

As soon as they can walk! Some people recommend age 4 or 5 and most ski clubs don’t offer lessons for pre-school aged children but we say start ’em early. Stay tuned for the season finale of our ski series. A post about how to teach toddler to ski.

Can I take my baby skiing?

Absolutely as long as you are comfortable doing so. We recommend purchasing a Chariot which can be converted from jogging stroller to ski sled. If you’re a good skier and comfortable on snow you can also ski with your baby in a baby carrier, (we like the Ergo) or a back carrier, (we have a Kelty). Here are a few tips on skiing with a baby.

How can I find someone to take ski lessons from if I don’t live near an area that offers lessons?
Ahhh, the question that skiers throughout the United States are asking. West Yellowstone Montana hosts an excellent training year over Thanksgiving. There are demos, clinic for skiers of all levels and teams from across the country will be there enjoying early season snow. It’s a great place to be if your town lacks that nordic vibe and you’re looking for some top-notch instruction.
I want to learn to skate ski, you only blogged about classic skiing, why?
As a former biathlete and biathlon coach, skate skiing is actually my preferred method of blazing over the snow. Since our goal at Just Trails is to get people out exploring their local trails, this year I tried to stick with the basics, the essentials of classic skiing.  But our ski series was more popular than expected so next fall I’m planning another more in-depth series. This time covering skate skiing. Be sure to check back in November.

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