4 Reasons To Cross-Country Ski

Today we’re excited to announce the start of ski season…well, the start of a series all about cross-country skiing.

We’re going to talk about everything from the history of skiing, nordic ski lingo, equipment, waxing, and then finish off with an extensive “how to” video section. We have so much content and we’re so passionate about skiing that we’re going to devote 2-3 blogs posts/week on skiing from now through the end of January.

That’s me, at age 8. I was scared of jumps and my parents dressed me funny.

I grew up a dorky cross-country ski racer, then I added a biathlon rifle to the mix and became even more of a dork (or awesome, depending on how closely you follow the biathlon world cup races every winter). As I added stamps to my passport traveling and racing (courtesy of the USA All Guard biathlon team ) I became aware of how differently nordic skiing and biathlon are perceived in Europe versus the United States. In Europe people knew what biathlon is, at home my pitch was always “it’s that insane sport that combines skiing with rifle marksmanship.” I always felt like more Americans would cross-country ski if they knew more about it.  Fast forward 8 years and I still feel the same way.

In an attempt to encourage people to get out there, invest in some skis and hit the trails here’s a few reasons why cross-country skiing is awesome.

1. Cross-country skiers are sexy. Yah, I think hikers are sexy too. But seriously go ahead and try to find a cross-country skier who isn’t good looking. You can’t because they don’t exist. Sure their head is covered up by a hat, their eyes are covered up by sunglasses, they are wearing ski clothes instead of showing off their abs. But that’s okay, there’s a lot to be said about the sexiness of someone who would rather use their lungs and body to power themselves up a hill instead of ride a lift.

2. Cross-country skiing is fun. I grew up in a town dominated by downhill skiing. When downhill skiers would find out that I was a cross-country skier they would always say “that’s so boring.” Well, that’s a matter of perspective. Like most outdoor activities boredom can be alleviated by finding fun people to ski, hike, cycle, etc with.

3. Cross-country skiing is easy to learn (but hard to master). If you can walk, you can ski. It’s simple. I’ve skied with babies, toddlers, old people, people who are out of shape, people with bad knees, people with bad backs, and everyone who doesn’t fit into the perfect cross-country ski body mold. And because you don’t have to be a specific body type or at a certain fitness level to enjoy skiing it makes for a great family activity.

4.  Cross-country skiing is relatively inexpensive. You don’t need to spend money to visit a nordic ski area and enjoy perfectly groomed trails. In most snowy places you can ski for free in city parks, on golf courses or community trails. And by shopping at thrift stores, consignment stores, or online  you can easily outfit yourself for skiing by spending less than $100 bucks.

So, all you skiers out there, why do you think cross-country skiing is awesome?

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  1. John |

    Totally agree – and find that x-c skiers are not only sexy & good -looking, but also healthy & obviously hardy! I’ve been x-c skiing for over a decade now, and I’m well into my 50’s – I love being able to get outside getting some sun during the cold winter months (you’re never cold when x-c skiing) – and I love being able to take a quick ski at lunch in a town park during the work week (try to have a shower handy, if you can!)…looking forward to your articles on waxing, something I haven’t been able to get a handle on – I usually just spray some fluorocarbon on my waxless skis.

    • Rebecca |

      Thanks John, you’re lucky to be able to ski at lunch! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series 🙂

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  11. Doug |

    I love xc skiing for the many varieties.it offers… I can tour, I can go a bit faster and redline the heartrate by skating. I can also reach the deeper backcountry with the fat skis.

    The other reason for me is that it helps pay my bills. 🙂

    • Rebecca |

      I totally agree…and I love leaving groomed trails in search of fresh snow and new scenery.

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