What to Pack for a Day of Snowshoeing

Last night Santa packed around lumps of coal for naughty children all over the world. But if you were a nice kid and he personally delivered a pair of snowshoes underneath your tree you’ve come to the right place.

While that Christmas turkey cooks it’s time to take those snowshoes for a spin! As part of our Wednesday snowshoe series we’ve discussed the history of snowshoeing, why to snowshoe, how to choose a pair of snowshoes, what to wear snowshoeing and what gear you need to snowshoe, and where to get snowshoeing equipment. Today we’re getting ready to go snowshoeing by talking about what to put in your daypack for a day on the trails.

Anytime we hit the trails we adjust the contents of our pack for our location, the weather the type of trip and the duration of the trip. We recommend that you do the same, we think that pre-templates packing list should be used only as a starting point and modified based on your situation.

Here’s what’s in my pack.

If I’m just going to be out on local trails that I’m very familiar with and never very far from my car at the trailhead here’s what I put in my pack:

short adventureIf I’m going to be out on a longer trip, say a day hike in an area with minimal avalanche danger here’s what I put in my pack:

daypackIf I’m bringing the kiddos then I add diapers, wipes, extra food and water, a kids sleeping bag to keep them warm in our beloved Chariot. I don’t tend to explore places where there’s a ton of avalanche danger but if you do make sure you’re aware of the avalanche conditions and have your shovel, avalanche beacon and probes along for the trip.

Perhaps the most important part for me isn’t what I have in my dapack, but it’s what I have in my car at the trailhead. I always have a few essentials like a dry hat, pair of socks, shirt, and gloves in the back of my car so I can change into something warm and dry when I’m done snowshoeing.

What do you pack when you go snowshoeing? Is there something you bring or that you would consider important that I don’t?


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