5 Reasons to Snowshoe

I love to ski. For most of my life the thought of trading in my skis for a pair of snowshoes seemed ridiculous. To me snowshoeing looked like hard work, after all you don’t get to enjoy the “glide” like you do on skis.

So why snowshoe?

why snowshoe

I didn’t start snowshoeing until a few years ago and I have to admit that I still prefer skiing but snowshoeing does have it’s advantages at times. Today as part of our snowshoe series we’re talking about why you should put snowshoes on your Christmas list.

1. Snowshoes are relatively inexpensive. Like most outdoor gear you can really drop a ton of money on snowshoes, poles, boots, clothing and gear to snowshoe. Or, you can simply spend $25 on a pair of used snowshoes and be on your way. We’ll talk about gearing up for snowshoeing in a few weeks but it’s significantly cheaper to snowshoe than it is to ski.

2. Snowshoes are easy to use. Snowshoeing is easy. It’s nothing more than walking with a few wide platforms on your feet. For me the hardest part is strapping my snowshoes on but even then that is hardly a challenging task.

3. Snowshoes don’t take up much room. Trunk space even in my SUV is always at a premium. One thing that I love about snowshoes is that they take up minimum room in the car making them very portable compared to ski’s. Snowshoes also take up very little room in a garage, closet, shed or wherever you store gear–perfect for people living in small spaces with minimal storage room.


4. Snowshoes are perfect for fall and spring “hikes.” We especially love our snowshoes during the fall and spring. Often we’ll find dry trails at the trailhead but after  a mile or two in we’ll reach deep snow and think “doh-I wish I had my snowshoes!” We’ve learned to strap our snowshoes on the back of our packs making it easy to put them on and slop through unexpected snow when we’re hiking. Easy on, easy off, easy and lightweight to carry make them our favorite choice during the fall and spring.

5. Snowshoes are awesome on really crazy terrain. Sometimes it’s just easier and faster to snowshoe over crazy steep trails or through crazy deep snow than it is to cross-country ski. This is especially true when waxing conditions are less than ideal.

And I suppose that the last and best reason to snowshoe is because after 34 years of life I’m forced to admit that it’s fun too!

Now it’s your turn. Why do YOU snowshoe?

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