Was that bear trying to pick my pocket?

Let this be a lesson for all on how not to view and enjoy wildlife in the great outdoors.

Eagle Circling

I was about 5 miles into the Platte River Trail in the Platte River Wilderness. I had started from the Six Mile Gap Trailhead and had only seen a couple of golden eagles so far.

The sage grouse that distracted me while the bear went for my wallet.

Then, I saw some movement in the underbrush right next to the trail and found three small sage grouse. So I thought what the heck, I’ll get some video of these guys. I quickly got focused on filming the sage grouse and stopped paying attention to anything around me.

Then I stood up reaching for my digital camera to take some pictures when I heard a small twig snap. I looked to my right to see a medium sized black ball of fur whip around and take off down the trail away from me. The bear must have been coming over to check me out and in another minute probably could have been close enough to steal my wallet and keys.

The first thing I did when I saw it was think, “oh crap, where’s its mom.” Then I took off my backpack to grab my bear spray and put it on my belt. By the time I got myself all straightened out the bear was long gone. I waited and poked around for a while but couldn’t find any sign of the cub or the mother.

So the question I ask myself is: what kind of person has a video camera set up and a digital camera in his hand and still isn’t fast enough to get a picture of a bear 15 feet away?

With skills like this, I should be hunting big foot.

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  4. Al |

    I feel pretty lucky that I was able to see the little fuzz ball to begin with, and that it was only curious when I was looking somewhere else.

  5. Ron |

    Hey, I probably would have run and gotten eaten, so I’d say you did well. 🙂

  6. Uncle Bob |

    Now that’s funny!

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