My Secret Bias Against Antelope

Not an Antelope

This is so secret I didn’t even know about it.

I’m always on the lookout for wildlife. It’s one of the perks of my job and I like putting together some pictures and video of wildlife to share.

The other day I had just begun my journey home from a trail when I notice some antelope doing antelope things pretty close to me. I had a brief thought that I should take a couple pictures of them but immediately dismissed it. I just wasn’t interested.

Also not an Antelope

A few minutes later I began to wonder if I had ever taken a picture of an antelope and I couldn’t think of a single time where I had. Then I began to wonder if I secretly and subconsciously disliked antelope.

But then I realized that indifference is a better word.

I see them everywhere. They are like ground squirrels, I don’t feel bad about not taking pictures of them. But then I remembered taking pictures of deer. And what large animal is as common as deer? Antelope.

Once more, not an Antelope

It wasn’t long before I came across a few more antelope doing antelope things and I wondered again if I should get a picture. And I just passed them by. I’m just not interested.

I don’t understand it and I can’t explain it. I’m not the only one am I?

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  1. douglas |

    When I lived inTeton County, I saw so many bison that I felt the same way about them. Until the day that I saw one rock back on his haunches, and leap over a buck rail fence. It was in that instance, that it then became my favorite of all of the Wyoming wildlife (at least tied with the grey wolf).
    Also, almost everywhere you look, there will be a raven. Go ahead, ask me what my favorite bird is…

    As an added note, while the wildlife biologists of the world will take issue with this, I like to refer to the pronghorn as “speedgoats”. Yeah… i know they aren’t goats… sheesh

    • Al |

      I’m ok with speed goat.

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