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The Basics

jt-clearThe Trail Creek Trail is open all year but it is difficult to get to from winter to mid summer.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Dogs are welcome.


jt-clearThere are no parking or day use fees.

jt-moderateThere is 1 moderate trails totaling 3.3 miles.

Trail Photos

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The Trail Creek Trail is 3.3 miles long and follows the Trail Creek from Sand Lake Road to Grassy Lake.

The trail starts on the south side of the creek and crosses it about one mile in. From there the trail stays on the north side of the creek.

About two miles in the trail disappears. But if you keep following the creek you will soon come to a clearing with an old mine structure on the far side.

After the mine, the trail picks up again for another half mile before disappearing. From this point keep following the creek and you will get to Grassy Lake in about another half mile.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the Trail Creek Trail:


Grassy Lake

This trail ranges in elevation from 9,800 feet at the trailhead to 10,700 feet near Grassy Lake.

jt-moderate Trail Creek Trail (3.3 Miles)


The Trailhead for the Trail Creek Trail can be reached by traveling west from Centennial on Wyoming Highway 130 for 4 miles to Sand Lake Road.  Turn right on Sand Lake Road and follow it for almost 9 miles.  There is no sign to clearly mark the trailhead but there is a sign marking trail creek which is only a few hundred feet past the parking area.  We have some pictures on our website.

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Parking Area



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