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jt-clearThe Silver Lake Trails are open all year even though they are difficult to get to in the winter. The Silver Lake Campground usually opens each year in late June or early July.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking. Dogs are welcome.

jt-xMountain biking and horseback riding.

jt-clearThere is no fee for day use (hiking or picnicking) but there is a fee of $10 each night to use the campground.

jt-moderateThere are 3 moderate trails totaling 4.1 miles.

Trail Photos

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The two main trails around Silver Lake are an incredible bargain in terms of the scenic variety you will experience versus the total trail distance of about 4.5 miles.

Silver Lake Trail (1.4 Miles Long) wraps around the beautiful clear lake and connects to the Silver Lake Trailhead as well as the Campground.

Meadow Falls Trail (2.6 Miles Long) travels through forests and meadows with several Vistas at the most scenic locations complete with benches encouraging you to linger.

The Vistas offer wide scenic views of the South French Creek Valley, a peaceful pond, or Meadow Falls.

You won’t want to rush these trails.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you around Silver Lake:


Bench with a great view along Meadow Falls Trail.

The trails range in elevation from 10,240 feet at the Meadow Falls Overlook Area to 10,620 feet at the Silver Lake Trailhead.

jt-moderate Silver Lake Trail (1.4 Miles)

jt-moderate Meadow Falls Trail (2.6 Miles)

jt-moderate Meadow Falls Overlook Trail (0.1 Miles)


From Laramie travel west on Wyoming Highway 130. After you pass Centennial, travel another 16 miles along Wyoming 130. The Silver Lake Trailhead is not marked but there is an established parking area with a big sign about Wyoming Wildlife (We’ve got a picture of it). If you travel past this trailhead for one half mile you will reach the entrance to the Silver Lake Campground where there many other places to access the trails.

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Silver Lake Parking Area

Silver Lake Trailhead


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User Comments

  1. Julie |

    This is a great trail. We missed the trailhead on the road and parked at a parking area near the campground. We went down to the lake and around the lake to where the little bridge is – we didn’t need to cross it. Then we went up and around ending at the trailhead on the road. My phone said we hiked 4.9 miles so I don’t know why it’s so different from the distance given. The view of the back of Medicine Bow is incredible. The falls are pretty but not hugely impressive at this time of year. Well worth it though!

    • Thanks for the comment Julie. The trialhead by the road is just that big pull out with the Wyoming Wildlife sign. The trail from there down to Silver Lake has some nice views of the lake itself but by passing it you did avoid the uphill walk to get back out.

  2. Al |

    I hiked this trail yesterday. The campground is currently closed for tree removal and there are a several trees down along the trails but they are all easy to get around. Snow isn’t an issue here either except on the South side of the Lake.

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