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jt-clearSheep Lake Trail is open all year but it is difficult to get to from winter to mid summer.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Dogs are welcome.


jt-clearThere is no parking or day use fee at the Sand Lake or Brooklyn Lake Trailhead.

jt-moderateThe Sheep Lake Trail is difficult and 9.2 miles long.

Trail Photos

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The Sheep Lake Trail starts in the south on the east side of Brooklyn Lake and ends in the north just below Sand Lake.

The trail covers 9.2 miles of alpine meadows and lakes as well as some sub alpine forests. It is named for a lake near the center of the trail.

This trail provides some unique views of the Snowy Range peaks from the north as well as great views down the valleys that flow into Rock Creek and the Little Laramie River.

The trail is easier to get to and more scenic if you start on the southern end but the northern part of the trail doesn’t get as much use.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the Sheep Lake Trail:


View of Medicine Bow Peak from Sheep Lake Trail

The trail ranges in elevation from 10,050 feet at the northern (Sand Lake) trailhead to 11,000 feet southeast of Sheep Lake.

jt-difficult Sheep Lake Trail (9.2 Miles)

jt-moderate Quealy Lake Trail (4.0 Miles)

jt-moderate Deep Lake Trail (0.7 Miles)


The trailhead by Brooklyn Lake is the easiest to get to. Travel west from Centennial on Wyoming Highway 130 for about 8 miles, turn right on Brooklyn Lake Road for a little less than two miles (here’s a video). The parking area will be on the east side of Brooklyn Lake.

To get to the second trailhead near Brooklyn Lake travel west from Centennial on Wyoming Highway 130 for 4 miles, turn right on Sand Lake Road and follow it for 17 miles to the parking area just below Sand Lake. If you get to the Deep Lake Campground you’ve gone a bit too far.

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Brooklyn Lake Parking Area

Brooklyn Lake Trailhead


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