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The Basics

jt-clearThe Savage Run Wilderness is open all year but are difficult to get to in the winter.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking and horseback riding. Dogs are welcome.

jt-xIt is a designated Wilderness Area so mountain biking is not allowed along with many other special protections.

jt-clearNone of the trailheads have a day use or parking fee. We do recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle with good ground clearance to get to all but the Extension Trailhead.

jt-moderateThere are 2 moderate trails totaling 9.6 miles.

jt-moderateThere is 1 difficult trail totaling 1.8 miles.

Trail Photos

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The Savage Run Wilderness is a very secluded place and the trails see very little use.

Part of that seclusion is because it takes a while to get to the trailheads and because the terrain is steep no matter which way you approach it.

The big up side to doing all the work to get there is the ability to completely immerse yourself in the wilderness. You will not likely see another person unless they came with you.

This is also a good spot to see some wildlife. We saw four moose and two eagles while gathering the information for this guide.

For a second opinion you can read what our friend Roger Ludwig has written about the Savage Run Wilderness on his website, Away From The Grind.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you in the Savage Run Wilderness:


Moose Cow and Calf along Savage Run Trail

The trails range in elevation from 7,680 feet where the trail meets private property to 9,720 feet at the Savage Run Trailhead.

jt-moderate Savage Run Trail (8.5 Miles)

jt-difficult Cottonwood Creek Trail (1.8 Miles)

jt-moderate Extension Trail (1.1 Miles)


There are three trailheads which provide access to the Savage Run Wilderness Trail. From Laramie, drive West on Wyoming Highway 130 to Wyoming Highway 11 and follow Wyoming Highway 11 to Albany. Drive through Albany and where the pavement ends, Forest Road 500 begins. Follow Forest Road 500 for a little over 12 miles to where it intersects with Forest Road 511. If you continue for another 2 miles on Forest Road 500 you will come to the turnoff for the Savage Run Trailhead. Or follow Forest Road 511 to 512 which will take you to the Cottonwood and Extension Trailheads.

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Savage Run Parking Area and Trailhead

Extension Trailhead


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