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jt-clearThe Mount McConnell Trail is open all year.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.

jt-xIt is closed to mountain biking.

jt-clearThere are no parking or day use fees at the picnic area or trailhead. There are fees at the campground.

jt-moderateThere are 3 difficult trails totaling 4.4 miles.

Trail Photos

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The Mount McConnell trails start from the very popular Mountain Park Campground and cover over 4.5 miles in length.

The trails offer great views of the mountainous surrounding area and the Cache La Poudre River as it flows east toward Fort Collins.

These trails are steep and may take longer than you think. The eastern portion of the Mount McConnell trail is the most challenging and you will have to use your hands to help climb up or down in some places. The easiest way to get to the summit is to follow the Western route up and back.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on Mount McConnell:


View from the Summit of Mount McConnell

The trails range in elevation from 6,640 feet at the trailhead to 8,000 feet at the summit of Mount McConnell.

jt-difficult Kreutzer Nature Trail (1.9 Miles)

jt-difficult Mount McConnell Trail (2.4 Miles)

jt-difficult Summit Spur (0.1 Miles)


From US Highway 287 turn west on Colorado Highway 14. Follow Colorado Highway 14 for a little over 23 miles. You will next turn south and cross a bridge into the Mountain Park Campground. Stay to the right after crossing the bridge to get to the picnic areas and trailhead. If you go to the left it will take you to the camp grounds. There is no parking fee if you park at the trailhead which holds about 5 vehicles. However, there is a $6 fee to park at the picnic area.

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Parking Area


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