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jt-clearThe Miners Cabin and Tipple Trail is open all year but it is difficult to get to from winter to mid summer.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking. Dogs are welcome. Mountain Biking is only allowed on the lower portion of Tipple Trail to provide access to French Creek Canyon Trail.

jt-xMountain biking and horseback riding.

jt-clearThere are no parking or day use fees.

jt-moderateThe is 2 easy trails totaling 0.8 miles.

jt-moderateThere is 1 moderate trail totaling 2.1 miles.

Trail Photos

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Miners Cabin Trail is a 0.6 mile long loop that travels past what remains of the Red Mask Mine. This mine, which was last operating in the 1920s, marks the end of the mining era around Medicine Bow Peak.

At the junction of Miners Cabin Trail and Tipper Trail is the remains of the old cabin where those who worked the Red Mask Mine lived.

Lake Marie Falls Trail is a very short (0.2 mile) loop with excellent views of the falls with the mountains in the background. This is the origin of South French Creek.

The western end of Tipple Trail has two places with benches providing excellent views of French Creek and the mountains.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the around Miners Cabin and Tipple Trail:


Scenic Point near the bottom of Tipple Trail

The trails range in elevation from 10,280 feet to 10,810 feet.

jt-easy Lake Marie Falls Trail (0.2 Miles)

jt-easy Miners Cabin Trail (0.6 Miles)

jt-moderate Tipple Trail (2.1 Miles)

jt-moderate French Creek Canyon Trail (5.2 Miles)


Miners Cabin Trail can be reached from the Medicine Bow Peak Scenic Overlook. From Laramie, WY take Wyoming Highway 130 West. Travel about 14 miles past Centennial, look for signs to the overlook. Lake Marie Falls can be reached by continuing on WY 14 for another 2 miles to the Lake Marie Trailhead. Tipple Trail can be reached from either trailhead or the Tipple Trailhead is another .25 miles down the Highway on the left.

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Tipple Trailhead

Peak Overlook Parking Area


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  1. Al |

    I was hiking here last Friday. You won’t have to worry about snow, it’s mostly gone, but there are some trees down on Tipple Trail that are a pain to get around.

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