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jt-clearThe Lost Lake Trail is open all year but can be very hard to get to in the winter.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Dogs are welcome on the trails.


jt-clearThere is a fee to park at Brooklyn Lake, but there is a fee of $5 per vehicle for each day to park in the Sugar Loaf Recreation Area (near Lewis or Libby Lake). The Medicine Bow Routt National Forest Day Use Pass is accepted along with all Interagency Recreation Passes.

jt-moderateThe Lost Lake Trail is 3.4 miles long and moderate.

Trail Photos

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The Lost Lake Trail is named for Lost Lake which sits near the middle of the 3.4 mile long trail.

Starting from the east near Brooklyn Lake, the trail climbs through the trees towards the Glacier Lakes.

From there it continues mostly upwards to Lost Lake, the high point on the trail.

Next, the trail will gradually transition from sub alpine forest to the alpine boulder strewn meadows.

The western portion of the trail will give you the best views of the surrounding peaks and the many alpine lakes.

Check out a cool video of fish swimming in Lost Lake here.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the Lost Lake Trail:


View of Telephone Lakes

The trail ranges in elevation from 10,600 feet at the Lost Lake Trailhead to 10,950 feet at Lost Lake.

jt-moderate Lost Lake Trail (3.4 Miles)


The Lost Lake Trailhead can be reached by traveling west from Centennial on Highway 130 for almost 8 miles to Brooklyn Lake Road. Then follow Brooklyn Lake Road for 2 miles. The Lost Lake Trailhead will be just before you enter the Brooklyn Lake Campground. The Gap Lakes Trail also provides access to the Lost Lake Trail. To get there travel west from Centennial for 11 miles. Turn right on the road marked for the Sugar Loaf Recreation Area. Follow this road to the end at Lewis Lake.

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User Comments

  1. Amanda Angel |

    Could you do the loop in 2 days? We’re planning that exact backpacking trip this weekend. Also, would you recommend taking Sheep Lake first or Lost Lakes?

    • Amanda, you can do the loop in one day pretty easy. If you want to take your time you can make it two days as well. If you are going to backpack and take two days I’d recommend heading up the Lost Lake Trail first. I think there are more desirable camping options once you pass the Gap Lakes. Also if you are making good time you may head over to Deep Lake and camp there. I hope that helps.

  2. Jess |

    Just completed a 4-day trek with my daughter. We took the Sheep Lake-Gap Lake-Lost Lake loop starting at Brooklyn. We both agreed that the Lost Lake trail would probably be the most scenic, however it was raining that day and we couldn’t see any peaks and the more distant lakes…bummer. This just gives us something new to see next time!

    • Rebecca |

      Awesome! Sounds like you had a blast rain and all!

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