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The Basics

jt-clearThe Little Laramie Trail System is open all year.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Dogs are welcome on the trails.


jt-clearThere is a fee of $5 per vehicle for each day. The Medicine Bow Routt National Forest Day Use Pass is accepted along with all Interagency Recreation Passes.

jt-moderateThere are a total of 6.7 miles of trails, all of them are moderate.

Trail Photos

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The Little Laramie Trailhead provides access to nearly 8 miles of trails primarily following a portion of the North Fork of the Little Laramie River.  River Trail in particular has several scenic views as the terrain opens up into the river valley with the larger mountains in the background.

The northwest portion of River Loop can be a little tricky as you leave the trail walking through a fence to Sand Lake Road, and then down the road and across the bridge before the trail enters the forest again.

Sections of the Meadow Loop can get steep and narrow and will present a challenge for beginner cross country skiers.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the Little Laramie Trail System:


Little Laramie River

The trails range in elevation from 8,780 to 9,160 feet.

jt-moderate Lodgepole Loop (2.5 Miles)

jt-moderate Meadow Loop (2.5 Miles)

jt-moderate Meadow Loop Cutoff (500 Feet)

jt-moderate River Loop (1.3 Miles)

jt-moderate River Trail (1.2 Miles)


The Little Laramie Trailhead can be reached by traveling west from Laramie along Highway 130 toward Centennial. Continue driving through Centennial into the Medicine Bow National Forest for 3.7 miles. The trailhead will be on the right hand side of the road after crossing the North Fork of the Little Laramie River. If you reach Sand Lake Road you’ve gone a bit too far.

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