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jt-clearThe trail system is open all year and there are no parking or day use fees.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Dogs are welcome.

jt-xMountain biking is not allowed from December 1st through June 30th.

jt-clearThere are no parking or day use fees.

jt-moderateThere are 11 easy trails totaling 6.6 miles.

jt-moderateThere is 6 moderate trails totaling 11.1 miles.

Trail Photos

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The trails in the Lady Moon and Molly Lake area are unique. Even though there are over 20 miles of trails, only a couple are well developed. The remainder are old roads and stock/game trails that have become recreation trails through use.

These trails don’t see as much use except by who live at Red Feather Lakes making this an ideal trail system to find more solitude than you would on some of the more popular trails in the Roosevelt National Forest.

There is quite a bit of private property surrounding the National Forest in this area but all boundaries are marked. Also some of the trails, particularly trails through meadows, can be hard to follow in some places.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the Lady Moon and Molly Lake Trail System:


Molly Lake

The trails range in elevation from 7,720 to 8,600 feet. The trails starting from the Elkhorn Trailhead are lowest and moving from South to North will involve the most climbing.

jt-moderate Disappointment Falls Trail (0.9 Miles)

jt-moderate East Elk Horn Creek Trail (1.4 Miles)

jt-moderate Granite Ridge Trail (4.6 Miles)

jt-easy Lady Moon Meadow Loop (1.6 Miles)

jt-moderate Lady Moon Trail (3.0 Miles)

jt-easy Meadow Trail (0.9 Miles)

jt-easy Meadow Trail Cutoff (0.2 Miles)

jt-easy Molly Lake Trail (0.1 Miles)

jt-moderate Molly Moon (2.1 Miles)

jt-moderate No Name Trail (1.1 Miles)

jt-easy Old Road 1 (1.2 Miles)

jt-easy Old Road 2 (0.7 Miles)

jt-easy Old Road 3 (0.6 Miles)

jt-easy Old Trailhead Spur 1 (0.1 Mile)

jt-easy Phantom Trail (0.5 Miles)

jt-easy Trailhead Loop (0.3 Miles)

jt-easy West Elk Horn Creek Trail (0.3 Miles)


There are three trailheads that access the Lady Moon & Molly Lake Trails. From US Highway 287 turn west at Livermore on County Road 74E (Red Feather Lakes Road). Turn southwest on County Road 68C to get to the Elkhorn Trailhead. Stay on County Road 74E to get to the Lady Moon Trailhead. Drive past the Lady Moon Trailhead and turn south on County Road 69 to get to the Molly Lake Trailhead.

Select the Google Map tab next to the Just Trails Map tab at the top of the page to see a directions map.

You can help other people explore by leaving some comments about the Lady Moon and Molly Lake Trail System below.

Molly Lake Parking Area and Trailhead

Lady Moon Trailhead


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User Comments

  1. Debra Beasley |

    I used this map…started out on from Lady Moon Trailhead, going south on what I thought was Lady Moon Trail. At the intersection, it said that Granite Trail went both ways but there was no indication how to finish the Lady Moon trail. Now that I’m home and studying the map, it appears that I should have turned east instead of west. Maybe there would have been a better sign later on? I wound up taking the Granite Ridge Trail west until it intersected with what I thought was the Molly Moon trail, heading northeast. The map says it is .1 mile but it was way more than that….It was unmarked at the place that I turned off but later on there was a marker that said the Molly Moon Trail was going both east and west (I cannot explain that). I followed it east until it hit the Lady Moon Meadow loop trail and then I followed that to the parking lot.
    I had been told by a couple of runner that the meadow trail was hard to spot on the way out but easy to follow on the way in. Although I followed it successfully, the last part went through a Meadow with no visible “trail” but it was clear that other people (or animals) had been through the brushes before me. This wound up being a pretty challenging “loop trail” and I estimate it was about 7 miles. I went through a lot of cattle gates, the last of which was securely tied with barbed wire at the top and half way down the bottom in such a way that I could not figure out any way to open it without wire cutters – so I threw my pack over the gate and crawled under it (as it appeared everyone else had done as well). I wish I had remembered to ask the 2 runners from Fort Collins how they had gotten through that gate (when they caught up with me later, after stopping at Molly Lake. I did not go to the lake but I am proud to have safely navigated this “loop” in about 3.5 hours.

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