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The Basics

jt-clearThe Greyrock Trail is open all year.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.

jt-xHorseback riding is not allowed.

jt-clearThere are no parking or day use fees.

jt-moderateBoth trails are difficult and total 5.8 miles.

Trail Photos

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Greyrock Trail and Greyrock Meadow Trail are very popular due to their scenery and close proximity to Fort Collins.

Both of these trails are steep and rocky. They will intersect above Greyrock Meadow where hikers can decide to head back or go to the summit. Greyrock Trail follows a deep draw most of the way to this intersection while Greyrock Meadows Trail will provide more scenic views to the west and a good view of the Greyrock Meadow near the top.

The trail up to the summit gets a little more difficult. Rock ciarns will be the only way to follow the trail in some places and you will have to use your hands to help climb up a couple times.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the Greyrock Trail System:


View from the Greyrock Summit

The trails range in elevation from 5,560 feet at the trailhead to 7,600 feet at the summit of Greyrock Mountain.

jt-difficult Greyrock Trail (3.1 Miles)

jt-difficult Greyrock Meadow Trail (2.7 Miles)


From Highway 287 between turn west on Colorado Highway 14. Follow Colorado Highway 14 for about 8.5 miles to the parking area. The trail is north of the Highway but the Parking Area will be on the south side. There is a pedestrian bridge to take you across the river.

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Parking Area



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  1. Tom Shonka |

    Folks comment on the difficulty of finding a trail on the last portion of the hike to the summit. As long as the hiker is moving uphill – pick what looks the easiest – eventually you have to end up on the summit.

    People with dogs. Please don’t assume that you are entitled to be the exception to the rule of keeping your dog on a leash. Contrary to what you may think, not everyone you meet on the trail loves your dog nor should they! Nor do they want to be approached by your dog. Additionally, dogs don’t like pepper spray.

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