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jt-clearThe French Creek Canyon Trail is open all year but is difficult to get to when Wyoming Highway 130 (Snowy Range Road) is closed in the winter.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking and mountain biking. Dogs are welcome.


jt-clearThere are no parking or day use fees at any of the trailheads which access French Creek Canyon Trail.

jt-moderateThe French Creek Canyon Trail is 5.2 miles long and of moderate difficulty.

Trail Photos

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The French Creek Canyon Trail follows South French Creek for 5.2 miles. It begins in the North off of Tipple Trail near where Tipple Trail crosses South French Creek.

One mile into the trail it will open up into a wide valley which the trail will cross. From there the trail will continue south as the valley closes and the canyon begins.

2.3 miles into the trail you will get to Sunshine Falls. This waterfall is tucked away into the canyon and it is worth coming at least this far to see.

The biggest drawback on this hike is that it’s all uphill on the way out so keep that in mind when planning when you need to turn around.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the French Creek Canyon Trail:


Meadow along French Creek Canyon Trail

French Creek Canyon Trail ranges in elevation from 8,941 feet at the French Canyon Trailhead to 10,300 feet at the intersection with Tipple Trail.

jt-moderate French Creek Canyon Trail (5.2 Miles)

jt-moderate Tipple Trail (2.1 Miles)


The easiest way to get to the French Creek Canyon Trail is to start on Tipple Trail from either the Lake Marie Trailhead or the Tipple Trailhead. These can be reached by traveling West from Centennial on Wyoming Highway 130 for about 16 miles. There is an additional trailhead at the southwestern end of the trail off of Forest Road 236. We don’t recommend trying to get to this trailhead though unless you are familiar with the area and have a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle.

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User Comments

  1. T |

    Just did this hike with my 6 year old from Tipple Trail to Sunshine Falls. The hike goes through a beautiful meadow that was covered in wildflowers. Lots of small streams that you cross during the hike and French Creek is like hiking in a postcard. I am so thankful I got to share this hike with my little man. As noted, the hike out if your going back viaTipple Trail is uphill so pace yourself.

  2. Definitely putting this trail on my summer list! Great pictures, can’t wait for summer!

    • Al Walsh |

      It’ll be amazing as soon as the snow melts and after about a half mile in you’ll probably have the whole thing to yourself.

  3. Al |

    I had fun on this trail. The only fallen trees I had to deal with were near the Northern end, close to Tipple Trail. I spotted one moose that I got a picture of and startled another one but wasn’t quick enough with the camera.

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