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The Basics

jt-clearThe Eagles Nest Open Space is open every day from dawn to dusk.

jt-checkIt is open to hiking, and horseback riding. Dogs are welcome.

jt-xMountain biking is not allowed on the trails.

jt-clearThere are no parking or day use fees.

jt-moderateThere are 3 easy trails totaling 4.6 miles.

Trail Photos

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Don’t let the terrain from the parking area fool you, the Eagles Nest Open Space is a great place to hike. About a mile into the trails you will find yourself in a beautiful river valley carved out by the North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River.

If you follow 3 Bar Loop to the south you will stay high on a trail before dropping down into the river valley. If you follow 3 Bar Loop to the west you will follow a service road down to the river valley.

For a great review of the Eagles Nest Open Space you can read what our friend Roger Ludwig has written on his website Away From The Grind.

Mountain biking is not allowed on these trails but expect to see horses as this is a popular location for horseback riding.


If you are looking for a guide to take with you on the Eagles Nest Open Space:


Eagles Nest Open Space

The trails range in elevation from 6,080 feet at the trailhead to 5,640 feet.

jt-easy 3 Bar Loop (2.4 Miles)

jt-easy 3 Bar Connection (0.4 Miles)

jt-easy OT Loop (1.8 Miles)


The Eagles Nest Open Space can be reached by traveling north from Fort Collins on Highway 287 to Livermore. At Livermore turn on County Road 74E. Less than half of a mile down this road, turn on a gravel road marked Rattlesnake Road (this road is also sometimes called Eagles Nest Road). Stay on this road until it ends at the Parking Area.

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Parking Area and Trailhead


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