4 Tips for Spring Hiking

Chances are if you’ve been cooped up all winter long muddy trails and unpredictable weather conditions aren’t going to keep you from heading out on a spring hike.

Last week we discussed a little bit about protecting the trails while hiking during muddy, spring-like conditions. Today we’re going to share a few tips for hiking during the spring.

  • Bring gaiters and wear a good pair of boots. Have you ever been hiking and started at the base of the mountain where the trails were dry just to get a few miles up the trail to have the trail turn into a mud pit? When we’re hiking in the spring or fall we typically stash a pair of gaiters to add a layer of protection to our legs.
  • Stash a pair of STABILicers ice cleats or Yak Trax in your pack.  Along with a pair of gaiters it helps to have a pair of STABILicers or Yak Trax that you can pull out of your pack and slip over your boots if you run into an unexpected patch of ice or snow.
  • Use trekking poles. When the trail conditions are less than ideal, trekking poles can  help provide balance and better footing on mud, snow and ice. They also help make it easier to cross any streams that may be running higher and quicker than usual due to spring run off.
  • Check the weather. Sometimes it seems like the only constant in the Rockies is the constantly changing weather. For us, fall and spring hikes seem to take us into the most unpredictable weather. It’s important to check the weather and try to select a route that may be drier based on the previous weather conditions.

Do you go hiking in the spring? What are a few tips that you have for staying upright, warm, dry and having fun?

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