How to Store Hats, Gloves, Sunglasses (and other outdoor flair)

You know the feeling when you can’t find a certain pair of gloves, or a hat or even a neck gaiter?

It’s annoying, and stressful, and ridiculous (especially if your children are fully dressed in their snowsuits and sweating like pigs while you scramble around the house trying to find their sunglasses).

Here’s what we do to cut down on the chaos and help keep track of all our outdoor flair from sunglasses to mittens to bug spray and yak trax.

All you need is a little bit of wall space, one or two over the door shoe holders, a few nails, and voila, the chaos is organized. We live in an old house and have a small entryway which works well but you could also use a laundry room or even the garage, basically wherever you get dressed to play outside.

hatsWe also like to keep a few clothespins handy and just hang wet gear on the outside of it’s designated pocket to let it dry after a day on the trails.

I love over the door shoe holders. You won’t see any of my shoes stored in them but in addition to outdoor clothing you will see water bottles!

How do you keep track of and store YOUR outdoor flair?


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  2. that is a great way to store all the things we need for the winter. I know the feeling. it is frustrating and sometimes my little girl ends up laying on the floor saying, “I don’t want to go outside anymore”. Oh dear! I am still working on our little or narrow entryway and I am planning on putting lots of baskets to store everything. Living in a small old house requires being smart with space and storage. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea.

    • Rebecca |

      I agree, we recently upgraded from a 900 square foot bungalow and space is always a challenge!

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