Question: How do you stay warm during winter adventures?

As part of our Monday morning trail’logy series I thought I’d do something just a tad bit different. I was thinking about writing a post with our favorite tips for staying warm while we cross-country ski, snowshoe, hike or just wander around outside in frigid temperatures.

As I was preparing the post I thought to myself, “I bet our readers have a ton of great ideas too!”


So, if you’ve got a great tip, trick or way that you stay warm in the winter leave a comment below. We’ll publish your tip next week with our big awesome post about staying warm in the winter and link back to your blog or business (if you’ve got one) and of course, mention that the tip came from you.

Best tip will be dubbed our most awesome reader. Cheers!


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  1. Mark from the Dutch mountains |

    Merino woollies like Smartwool keep me warm in the snow.
    A thin layer like microweight already does the job.
    It is that comfortable, you don’t want to get out of it in the evening.

    • Rebecca |

      Yes, I totally agree! We love Merino wool and Smartwool is one of our favorite companies.

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