DIY Waterproof Matches

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love the layout and easy to find recipes, DIY ideas and tips. But, I’m also skeptical (especially when it comes to outdoor related pins)-do all of those tips and ideas really work? We’re adding a new segment every Monday where we test and evaluate a Pinterest “trail tip“. We’re looking at if the tip actually works, a cost/time analysis and if it required a trip to the store for any special tools. Once we’ve thoroughly tested the ‘tip’ we’ll give you our verdict-useful or useless.


Today’s DIY trail tip is inspired by this ‘pin‘ all about waterproofing matches.

We used two methods to waterproof matches. The first was to coat a match head in wax and the second was to paint the match head with clear fingernail polish. Here’s what we did:

Do you use matches in the backcountry? (We typically don’t) What do you think of waterproofing your own matches? Do you know a better/faster/easier way?

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