DIY Cardboard Box Oven

Recently we tried our hand at cooking brownies using a homemade cardboard box oven, which was inspired by this ‘pin.’ While not really a trail tip, we do dig alternative cooking methods and thought this might be a fun one to try.

But, since I don’t even like cooking and baking in my own kitchen and we didn’t have the right sized box for this oven I probably should have followed my gut and not tried to replicate this oven in my backyard. But, live and learn. Here’s how our box oven (and the brownies we tried to bake in it) turned out.

Oh, and a little note about safety. The original pin said to heat up the charcoal briquettes outside of the box and then move them into the box. I didn’t really feel like moving a pan of hot charcoal into the box so I just lit up the charcoal inside the box. Probably not the smartest move since cardboard can be kinda flammable…although I think it was just as safe as moving white hot coals.

Also, it’s a good idea to cook with a cardboard oven on a concrete or some other non-flammable surface (ie not your deck). I cooked ours on top of our grill.

We’re learning that when it comes to trail tips, it’s a good thing to try them at home first. Can you imagine going camping with this set up and thinking about how yummy those brownies would taste all day long just to have them not turn out?

Has anyone out there every had success making a cardboard box oven? We’d love our feedback, what did we do wrong?

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