Why Hikers Are Sexy (a woman’s perspective)

It’s a scientifically proven fact that the sexiest people on the planet are hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and cross-country skiers (yes, cross-country skiers).*

Hikers are sexy because they’ve got the body, the brains and the look that makes members of the opposite sex swoon.  Let’s start with the body.

If you fall in love with a sexy hiker man you need this for your wedding cake.

  • The body.  Hiking builds the core, glutes, quads, hammies and calves.  Ask any woman what parts of the male body are her favorites.  If she’s smart she’ll respond with his abs, butt, legs and “his pretty hazel eyes.”  Without a doubt the best lookin’ bodies are seen on the trails of Wyoming, Colorado and maybe Montana.  Utah is a little bit iffy, except around Moab.
  • The brains.  Sometimes it can take killer brainpower to navigate one’s way to a trailhead using an old school paper map and directions like “turn left at the big tree stump and then right at the gray rock”.  Any guy who can find his way to a hard-to-find trailhead is worth keeping around.  Add a man who can identify the berries in bear scat, yarrow, and badger tracks and you’ve got yourself a keeper.  A real sexy hiker man.
  • The look.  Farmer’s tan’s aren’t sexy on farmers but man are they sexy on hikers.  If any hiker man wants to find future wife material all he needs to do is add a farmer’s tan with a 3-day beard to his patagonia hiking outfit.

Girls don’t want men who spend their Sunday afternoons laying on the couch, watching football in their tighty-whities with nacho cheese stuck to their chins.  No, we want men who can put moleskin on our blisters, filter our water and feed us gorp under the light of the moon.

We want our men to be men, sexy hiker men.

And yes, thanks for asking.  If you’re into pinning I do have a sexy hiker board on pinterest.

****Actually it’s been scientifically proven that only mountain bikers are the sexiest people on the planet.







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