When moose and mountain bike collide.

I came across a couple articles from the Alaska Dispatch talking about mountain bikers being charged by moose.  Article OneArticle Two 

But watching a video is more fun:

This topic caught my eye first because I’ve seen more moose than any other animal this year and second because I have had no problems with any of them that I’ve encountered which includes a few cow/calf combos.

As the articles mention, I think the big difference is the bike.  Or more accurately people riding a bike are more likely to appear out of nowhere and startle a moose (or any number of other creatures including hikers).

Speed is the problem here.  And not just the “I’m 18 and invincible” type of speed.  Even riding at a casual touring pace is still quite a bit faster than anything else on a narrow winding forest trail.

Part of me worries that this will be used as another reason to try and rid the forest of bicycles by people who already want to rid the forest of bicycles.  The real solution is to remember that you can’t spell wilderness without wild and nothing will keep you as safe as being alert and prepared.

Rejected titles for this post include:

  • one more reason to hate mountain bikers
  • at least it wasn’t a bear
  • skid marks in bike shorts
  • who needs a Spartan Race when you can play chicken with a moose

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  1. The calf is SO CUTE at the end! More proof that blazing through trails and blind curves isn’t the smartest thing to do in life.

    • Rebecca |

      I know! Yep, we all like to ride fast but…

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