Trail’ology: “I’m not a thru hiker, am I still awesome?”

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One common barrier to outdoor recreation is the notion that you have to be a badass.

If you haven’t devoted months to hiking the Appalachian Trail,the Continental Divide Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail or any other long epic trail it can seem like you’re simply not cool enough to be a hiker. There’s really no denying it, if you have a “trail name,” have spent over 1,000 consecutive miles living out of a backpack, and hiked any trail that is also an acronym you’re freaking awesome.

But here’s the deal, we’re day hikers with the occasional backpacking trip sprinkled on top and we think that’s awesome too.

We think thru-hikers are awesome but we also think these people are awesome.


  • If you’ve encouraged your pregnant wife to go hiking you’re awesome (and she is too).
  • If you take your kid hiking you’re awesome. If you hike with more than 1 kid you’re crazy awesome, if your children outnumber you and your partner your awesomeness is off the charts.
  • If you’ve taken a lesser (or no) paying job to live near the mountains and quench your hiking addictions you’re awesome.
  • If you’ve quit a job because it didn’t give you ample time to hike you’re awesome.
  • If you’re okay with your kids growing up to be dirtbag climbers and hiker trash you’re awesome.
  • If you’ve gone hiking on a beautiful Saturday instead of mowing your lawn and doing yardwork you’re awesome.
  • If you volunteer to help clean up and maintain your local trails you’re awesome.
  • If you volunteer to patrol your local trails you’re awesome.
  • If you help out with a local organization dedicated to getting kids outside you’re awesome.
  • If you make an effort to hike 1 trail/week you’re awesome.
  • If you plan family vacations around hiking you’re awesome.
  • If your briefcase is a daypack you’re awesome.
  • If you can read a map as well as you can read a book you’re awesome.
  • If you’ve ever contemplated calling in sick on a Monday morning to go hiking you’re awesome.
  • …and last but certainly not least, if you’ve got ‘Just Trails’ bookmarked you’re crazy awesome!

What else makes regular old weekend hikers awesome?

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  4. All Peak |

    Thanks for the positive affirmation JustTrails! TODAY I am AWESOME (6 times).

    • Rebecca |

      Of course! And by the way, we already knew that you are AWESOME! Merry Christmas and thanks again for making AWESOME t-shirts.

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