Trail’ology: “It’s hard to get motivated to hike in the winter” + winter hiking tips

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Last Wednesday I did not feel like hiking.

Between the cold weather, a teething baby, and fighting to put layers of clothing  on our kids I had to dig deep to find the motivation to take my kids up to Happy Jack for a little snowshoeing.

It wasn’t any better when we got to the trailhead. Our 2-year-old was in tears when a gust of wind smacked him in the face and our baby was just well…angry.

But, I strapped on my snowshoes anyway. I couldn’t coax the toddler into his so I gave up and we left the barren parking lot for the shelter of the trees.

Then something happened. Something weird and unexpected.

We started having fun!

Trail Toddler TipsAfter just a few minutes everyone was in smiles and trail toddler was in rare form, hamming it up for the camera which I had grabbed out of the car at the last minute. Check out this video, I think you’ll dig his hiking tips!

By the end of our hike no one noticed the wind anymore and no one really wanted to go home, so we played around at the trailhead and ate granola bars.

My point is this. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated. Some days you just gotta call it and head home early but other days you just gotta put those boots on, slide a few granola bars into your daypack and venture down the trail. I’ve never regretted a day on the trail but I have regretted days when I stayed home. Those days when I could have gone hiking but found an excuse not to go.

So the next time you want to stay home…don’t! Your adventure awaits!

How do you get motivated to hit the trails-especially in the winter?



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