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We get so caught up in keeping this Just Trails thing moving along that we rarely take notice of all the great people we’ve been able to meet and the things we’ve been able to do in the last year and a half.

Last week we had one of those wonderful opportunities and it made us stop and think about how lucky we are to have so many people visit the website who are excited to explore and to help others explore and who appreciate all the amazing things that are outside just waiting to be found.

When I first accidentally found the Sand Lake Lodge last summer I never thought I’d be able to walk around that site with a former owner. But that is exactly what Rebecca and I were able to do with the Galles family last week. Hearing their stories and learning more of the history was incredible. I only wish the weather would have been a little less windy so we could have lingered a bit longer. I made some minor updates to the Sand Lake Lodge  page since that visit if you’re interested.

Sand Lake

Our visit to Sand Lake with the Galles Family.

Reflecting on that, we wanted to take todays blog post to say we feel privileged and humbled and thanks to all the friends we’ve made and all the people who have visited the site for helping us keep going. We’re looking forward to all the new friends and adventures yet to come.

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