How To Pack For Any Adventure

I have a confession.

The contents of my daypack never look the same from day to day. Sure, I have the basics (food, water, first aid kit, map, GPS, diapers & wipes, knife, emergency fire starter kit, headlamp etc) but it evolves from there depending on a multitude of factors.

Since we’re talking about packing this week on the blog today we’re sharing a checklist with you that we use when we pack for an adventure. Rather than go down a list (headlamp…check, food…check, socks…check) we try to put a lot of thought into where we’re going, what we’re going to be doing, who we’re going with, why we’re going, the weather, the gear we need and so on. I’m convinced that looking at things from a bigger picture has helped keep us prepared and out of potentially bad situations.

Here’s our checklist:



And our final step (I blame this one on our experiences in the Army…) We always think “who else needs to know our plan.” This is especially important if one of us is embarking on a solo adventure.

And if you want our checklist in well, checklist form here you go.


What factors do you take into consideration when planning an adventure?


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