5 Things You Need for an Epic Spring Break

Every year as a kid spring break was a big deal.

My family didn’t travel anywhere but we did use the time to ski, hike, play outside, visit Yellowstone and see how much fun and adventure we could cram into a week.

As an adult I think it’s important to take a little spring break too–even if it just means skipping a day of work to head into the mountains or taking the time to clean out the garage, slap some storage wax on the ski’s and tune the bike.

We’ve written about spring break adventures before & even written about how to have a fun spring break right here in our hometown (Laramie, Wyoming).

But I’ve noticed that all spring adventures have a few things in common. Here’s a list of what you need to have an epic spring break.

5 Things you need for an Epic Spring Break

  • Gear. Lots and lots of gear. I’ll admit that I’m getting tired of stuffing my car full of skis, boots, poles, snowshoes and baby carriers but it just wouldn’t be a spring break adventure without gear…both winter and summer gear.
  • Food. I’m not talking about all that junk we eat during the holidays. I’m talking about camping food like s’mores and burgers. We need something to fuel that adventure.
  • Maps & Trail Guides. Yep, spend your last afternoon of class figuring out where to go so when you’re ready to start the break you can just load gear in your car and take off.
  • A sense of adventure. Check your expectations at the door. Be prepared for new places, people, a Chaco tan and maybe even a snowstorm.
  • A day without a screen. This might sound crazy but make it a goal to take a day without looking at an i-phone, tablet, computer or television screen. Resist the urge to snap a selfie or update your twitter account. Just spend a day connecting with the mountain, the trail and whoever you happen to be spending your adventure with.

If you have kids, check out this post we just wrote for WY Outside with a few fun, family friendly outdoor spring break adventures.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us what spring break adventures YOU have planned!

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