5 Ridiculous Camping Tips

When it comes to packing for a camping trip things get pretty silly around our house.

5 tips

Today we’re sharing with you our most ridiculous camping tips.

1) Heat & Eat Meals In a Bag

Freeze a meal, any meal (our favorites are chili, beef stew, lentil soup, chicken and salsa) in a foodsaver bag. When you’re at camp make cooking a breeze by simply tossing your frozen meal in a pot of boiling water and letting it cook inside the bag. This is my favorite tip because instead of scrubbing food residue from an empty pot you can just throw the bag away and dump out the water. There’s no mess or icky pot to clean.

2) Organizing Propane Bottles

Nothing is more annoying than getting to camp and replacing an empty bottle of propane with a bottle of propane that you think is full…but it’s really empty. To prevent this we label ours, so when bottle #1 runs out we just switch it our for #2. That way we’re never wondering which bottle to use. It’s just too easy.

3) Wash Dishes with Baby Wipes

This is probably our most ridiculous tip. But, I hate doing dishes at home so why would I like doing dishes when I’m camping? To make clean up easy after a meal I wipe down dirty dishes with baby wipes. Then you can throw the wipes away or burn them if you have a campfire that’s hot enough. Just rinse the dishes with some clean water and you’re ready for the next meal.

4) Precook Foil Dinners

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I try to make foil dinners it takes way too long for them to cook and then one part of the meal is too raw and the other part burned. I prevent this by precooking our hamburger and potatoes at home. Then it’s easy to slip a foil dinner onto the hot coals and simply heat it up in just a few minutes with everything being cooked evenly and to the proper temperature.

5) Footie PJ’s & Snowboots

When it comes to kids and camping my biggest concern is always keeping them warm after the sun goes down. If it’s a really cold night we layer them in a base layer and then those cheap footed fleece pajamas. When they’re playing outside the tent or cabin before bed or first thing in the morning it’s easy to slip their snow boots on over their footed pajamas and it keeps little feet warm too. Ridiculous yes, and yes my kids do wear snow boots throughout the summer…but it works.

What’s your most ridiculous camping tip?

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  1. These are some really great camping tips, thanks for sharing! I like your idea about how you can cook meals in bags by throwing them in a pot of water. Next time I go camping, I might have to try this. Being able to prep the food at home, freeze it, then warm in up once we are there would be ideal.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I want to thank for writing about 5 Ridiculous Camping Tips – it was incredibly helpful.
    Please keep the great content
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    James K

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