3 Favorite Local Websites

Al & I spend a lot of time scouring the world wide web in search of trail information and good high quality outdoor content. We like blog posts and articles that are informational, inspiring and visual. We’re always in search of other blogs and websites that talk about some of our favorite places in Wyoming & Colorado

Today we’re sharing 3 of our favorites.

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If you live in the trifecta of awesomeness (Laramie, Cheyenne, or Fort Collins) we highly recommend subscribing to these 3 websites, they rock.

1. Rawah Ranger.

If you’re a Just Trails fan you know that we’re Poudre Wilderness Volunteer fans. Rawah Ranger is the personal site of David Fanning. He moved to Northern Colorado in the 1970s to attend Colorado State University and never left. David is a stand up guy and serves on the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Board of Directors. We share a mutual hate of bags of dog poop on the side of the trails. His blog is relatively new but he has a knack for storytelling, and we learn a lot from him and his decades of outdoor experience. You can find him on twitter and facebook too.

2. Away from the Grind. 

Last summer Al linked up with Roger Ludwig, who is a Cheyenne based explorer. Occasionally he writes about interesting things, places and hikes for the Cheyenne Tribune Eagle. Roger knows the Cheyenne/Laramie area like the back of his hand and he knows where to find some pretty amazing things. We love Away from the Grind because it’s content is superb. We especially love two posts about hidden secrets on Pole Mountain & Vedauwoo, and another about the secrets of White Rock Canyon. If you like to hike and check out fascinating historical sites be sure to check out Away from the Grind.

3. Wandering the Wild. 

A few months ago we met Chris (Shutterbug) at a meeting. He is doing some behind-the-scenes work on the Just Trails website. He told us about his recent adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail with his fiance Anna (North Star). Instantly we didn’t want to talk about our website at the meeting, we wanted to hear PCT stories! While hiking the PCT Chris took some amazing photos and recently published a book, Pacific Crest Trail A Journey in Photographs. We love his amazing photography, his book resides on our coffee table so we can flip through it and dream about hiking a long trail. Our almost 3 year old also adores this book, his favorite photo is from mile 1328. Wandering the Wild keeps it real, and we like that. Chris & Anna don’t just write about the PCT on their website but also hiking and other outdoor activities around Fort Collins. You can find them out on twitter and facebook too.

We’d love to follow more Laramie/Cheyenne/Fort Collins based outdoor blogs and websites so if you have a favorite be sure to post a comment below with the link.

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