Trail Report: Turtle Rock 5/30/15

My kids woke up wild and energetic so I took them to Vedauwoo to try to wear them out.

How’s that for honest parenting?

We hiked, and climbed on the “big big rocks” and splashed in the creek.

turtle rock

The morning started cool and a little bit breezy but by 9 am we were down to shirtsleeves and one of my children may or may not have finished the hike pantsless.

We did notice that there were several fallen trees across the trail along the upper Turtle Rock trail, so be forewarned if you’re mountain biking. There were also several muddy places with runoff flowing across the trail but overall the weather was beautiful, the trails were dry and it was a pretty perfect morning at Vedauwoo.


Here were the trail conditions.

  • Date: 5/30/15
  • Time: 8-10:30 am
  • Temperature: 35-55°F (ish).
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Wind: Slight breeze
  • Trails Hiked: Turtle Rock
  • Trail Conditions: Trails were dry, there were a few muddy spots from runoff and a few fallen trees. Ironically the trails were not crowded, we were hoping to catch a glimpse of a moose but no such luck.

hike laramie (p.s. in case you’re wondering, my attempt to wear out our children was unsuccessful)


We do have a free trail map for the Turtle Rock trail. You can grab it here or check out our app and Trail Deck.

What are the other trail conditions in the area?


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