Trail Report: Tie City Trails

We ran into something shocking yesterday morning at the Tie City trailhead.


Okay, well there might have been a gentle breeze but it was nothing like the typhoon strength blasts that we normally encounter when trying to exit our car, trudge across the icy parking lot and gear up.

Tie City

Here were the current trail conditions as of yesterday morning:

  • Date: 2/10/15
  • Time: 9-10 am MST
  • Temperature: 35°F
  • Weather: Cloudy with a few random snowflakes
  • Wind: Slight breeze
  • Trails Skied: Campground Loop, Meadow, Ridge and Alder (the easy stuff, our kids got tired of skiing on the Campground Loop and I had a Chariot malfunction  (grrrrr!!!!)
  • Snowpack: It’s amazing how quickly the snow is deteriorating with the warm weather conditions. Trails were a good combination of ice and slush and really fast. We didn’t pick up any rocks or see evidence of rocks poking through the snow but you can see how the snow is melting where the snow isn’t packed. (sad face)
  • Snow conditions: Slushy & Icy
  • Grooming: Trails were groomed yesterday, check out the current grooming report here.
  • Wax: If you’re a lazy waxer (like me) it might be a good time to break out the waxless skis. It looks like klister season just might be upon us.

Tie City2

What are the other trail conditions in the area?

{p.s. HUGE things are on the horizon for our Just Trails customers and fans…we spent yesterday afternoon in meetings and didn’t the trail report up on the website as soon as we had hoped but don’t worry when we announce what’s going on around here this spring and summer and this late trail report will be so worth it!}

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