Trail Report: Tie City Snowshoe Trail + Campground Loop (6/1/15)

Yesterday (6/1/15) afternoon we caught a break between thunderstorms to head up to Tie City.Tie City

Our purpose wasn’t so much a hike, but an attempt to clean up trash.

But we did snap a few photos of the trails, and can report that they are mostly dry but wet and muddy in the lower, marshy areas. There was a fallen tree across the trail at one point, but it wasn’t a big deal.




Here were the trail conditions.

  • Date: 6/1/15
  • Time: 3-4:30 pm
  • Temperature: 50-60°F (ish).
  • Weather: Rainy & Overcast
  • Wind: Slight breeze
  • Trails Hiked: Snowshoe trail & Campground Loop
  • Trail Conditions: Trails were dry, there were a few muddy spots so I’d maybe give it a day or two before mountain biking or stick along the upper trails that tend to dry out faster.


We do have a free trail map for the Tie City & Happy Jack trail system. You can grab it here or check out our app and Trail Deck.

What are the other trail conditions in the area?


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