Trail Report: Shoreline/Crow Creek/Granite Ridge (Curt Gowdy State Park) 3-10-15

Something weird happened today.

Normally I’m all about enjoying the snow before it melts into spring. But today I just didn’t feel like layering my kids up and dealing with the hassle that is all the extra gear we need when we ski or snowshoe.

So, we hopped in the car and headed to Curt Gowdy State Park. I was curious what the trail conditions were and I knew that we’d find mud and that alone would make my kids happy campers.

We spent a few hours wandering around the park. We hiked on portions of the Shoreline, Crow Creek and Granite Ridge trails. Since I had both kids I was also pushing along our all-terrain Chariot so when we’d hit a bit patch of deep snow we’d just turn around and walk down the road until we found a new trail to try.

Trail Report- Shoreline:Crow Creek:Granite Ridge (Curt Gowdy State Park) 3-10-15

Here are the current trail conditions at Curt Gowdy State Park

  • Date: 3/10/15
  • Time: 10 am-12:00 pm MDT
  • Temperature: 45-50°F (ish). We started in coats and hats and finished in light layers.
  • Weather: Warm, bright and sunny.
  • Wind: None. At all. It was a small miracle.
  • Trails Hiked: Shoreline and portions of Crow Creek & Granite Ridge
  • Trail Conditions: Portions of dry, muddy, and snowy trails. Some brave souls have mountain biked on the trails but if it were me I’d give it a few more days to dry up a bit more. There were areas of deep, wet, spring snow, mostly north facing areas with little sunlight that are still a few weeks away from being able to ride. However, all of the trails were hikeable, not crowded and a lot of fun today. We didn’t encounter any serious ice and we didn’t have to posthole much.

trail report 3-10-15

You can grab a free trail map for Curt Gowdy State Park here or check out our app!

What are the other trail conditions in the area?


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