Trail Report: River Trail (Little Laramie Trailhead) 4.28.15

It was a beautiful spring morning in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

We started from the Little Laramie trailhead in the Snowies and meandered along the River Trail.

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From the trailhead it looked like the trail would be a good mix of snow and dirt so we left our snowshoes in the car. We ended up postholing a bit but the snow wasn’t too deep.

If you’re headed there in the next few days I would recommend snowshoes just in case.

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Here are the current trail conditions.

  • Date: 4/28/15
  • Time: 9-11:00 am
  • Temperature: 45-50°F (ish).
  • Weather: Beautiful, sunny, warm
  • Wind: None
  • Trails Hiked: A portion of the RiverTrail
  • Trail Conditions: Trails were patchy until the bridge with large sections of mud but after the bridge as you climb through the lodgepole forest the snow became deeper. We got an early start so postholing wasn’t a big deal until the last 30 minutes or so of our hike. There were a few fallen trees along the trail, probably a result of the big storm we had a few weeks ago. Bring your snowshoes, even if you don’t strap them on until 1/4 mile into the hike it’ll be well worth it.

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You can grab a free trail map for trails from the Little Laramie trailhead here or check out our app and Trail Deck.

What are the other trail conditions in the area?

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