Trail Report: Pole Creek Trail (6/2/15)

This morning our local hiking group met at Happy Jack for a morning on the trails.

It’s always chaos when there are a dozen kids scampering down the trail BUT nothing makes me smile more than seeing local kids get outside, get some exercise and learn a little bit about nature.


We meandered our way slowly along the Pole Creek Trail and through the old campground stopping a few times to check out a beaver lodge, wildflowers, and insects. If you live in Laramie or Cheyenne you’re always welcome to come hike with us! Hikes are posted on our calendar.

pole creek trail

Here were the trail conditions.

  • Date: 6/2/15
  • Time: 9-11:00 pm
  • Temperature: 60-65°F (ish).
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Wind: Slight breeze
  • Trails Hiked: Pole Creek Trail
  • Trail Conditions: Trails were dry, there were a few muddy spots where people had gone around forming new trails instead of just hiking through the mud.

{pet peeve alert…just hike or ride your bike through the mud, it won’t hurt you and it’s much better than forging your own mud-free path through the vegetation}


We do have a free trail map for the Tie City & Happy Jack trail system. You can grab it here or check out our app and Trail Deck.


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