Trail Report: Lone Pine State Wildlife Area 5/29/15

Our morning started bright and early when we packed our raincoats and headed to Colorado!

Shocking, I know.

We spent some time at a Cub Scout Camp where our friends, the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers are having their spring training. Al is teaching a map & compass class and a GPS class tomorrow so we got the course set up and hiked around the camp a bit.

Then we decided to head to the Cherokee State Wildlife Area to check out the Lone Pine trail.


The actual Lone Pine trail is over 10 miles, but we only made it down the trail about a mile to the Lone Pine creek. The creek was running really high and fast, which is not unusual for this time of year.  The kicker with this trail is that all of the bridges are washed out. If you’re headed that direction know that you won’t make it far unless you want to swim.

We weren’t about to do a river crossing with our two tired kids so we played in the meadow by the creek for a while and then headed back up the trail to the trailhead.

I’d like to say that the hike was a total bust but it wasn’t. This is probably one of the more kid-friendly trails I’ve been on in the area. You can easily push a jogging stroller down the trail and the meadow area by the creek is the perfect location for an afternoon picnic and spotting wildlife.

hikecolorado1The weather was pleasant and overcast with blue sky trying to peak through. It was a beautiful morning. Here were the trail conditions.

  • Date: 5/29/15
  • Time: 10-11:30 am
  • Temperature: 50°F (ish).
  • Weather: Overcast
  • Wind: No wind
  • Trails Hiked: A small portion of Lone Pine trail.
  • Trail Conditions: Trails were dry, there were a few muddy spots near the creek. Be prepared for fast moving water if you plan to cross the creek to hike or mountain bike the entire loop.



Also, this is a kid-friendly and jogging stroller friendly trail. Just be prepared to carry a stroller over the main gate, it wasn’t quite wide enough for our single Chariot.

And…if you forget to pack a lunch we give the sandwiches at the Forks gas station in Livermore (just a few miles from the trailhead) two thumbs up! But the voodoo chips that we purchased to go along with our sandwiches…palatable but not super awesome.



We do have a free trail map for the Lone Pine trail. You can grab it here or check out our app and Trail Deck.

What are the other trail conditions in the area?

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