12 Trails of Christmas: Tie City/Happy Jack Multipurpose Trails

In the summer it feels like there’s sometimes angst between mountain bikers, horseback riders and hikers over trail usage.  In the winter we have our own set of trail issues: cross-country skiers vs snowshoers vs fat bikers.

tie city:happy jack

Skate skiers like and need a nice wide groomed platform of packed snow to ski. Classic skiers like to in a perfectly placed track.

Backcountry skiers work really hard to break their own tracks on a non-groomed surface.

It’s the same with snowshoers.

I get it when skate skiers are ticked because snowshoe crampons dig into the trails or classic skiers get annoyed when runners run through their tracks or when you work really hard to break a beautiful track in the backcountry to have it wrecked by a snowshoer.

As a skate skier, classic skier, backcountry skier, and snowshoer I’ve encountered all of these situations. I get it and it’s a huge challenge in Laramie Wyoming because we don’t have a local cross-country ski resort maintaining our trails with snowmaking and controlling trail access.

Nope our trails are groomed locally and a collaborative effort between the Medicine Bow Nordic Association (MBNA) & Forest Service.

At a MBNA meeting a few weeks ago this very issue was addressed.

How can we all share the trails?

tie city:hj

The solution: Designated multi-use trails from the Tie City & Happy Jack trailheads. These trails are “user-packed” which makes them perfect for snowshoeing and fat biking or winter hiking without damaging the nordic ski trails.

Here’s a cool new map produced by the MBNA showing designated multi-purpose trails on Pole Mountain, of course our maps work too but they don’t show this year’s new trail.

Be sure to give them a shot if you’re headed that direction.


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