Moose Cow and Calf on Middle Crow Creek

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon these two in the Pole Mountain area of the Medicine Bow National Forest. They stared at me for a while then went back to grazing in and out of view along Middle Crow Creek. I kept thinking about how that little bull calf is getting ready for his first winter and probably has no idea what's in store for him. I hope you like the video.

Just Some Moose Today

Today I thought I'd post the videos I took of the two bull moose I saw last week in the Savage Run Wilderness. If you're curious, the Savage Run Wilderness is in the Medicine Bow National Forest between Laramie, WY and Saratoga, WY.  You can find out more about the savage run wilderness on our Savage Run Wilderness Page.  Of if you're just into pictures check out what we have on flickr.

When moose and mountain bike collide.

I came across a couple articles from the Alaska Dispatch talking about mountain bikers being charged by moose.  Article One, Article Two  But watching a video is more fun: This topic caught my eye first because I've seen more moose than any other animal this year and second because I have had no problems with any of them that I've encountered which includes a few cow/calf combos. As the articles mention, I think the big difference is the bike.  Or more accurately people riding a bike are more likely to appear out of nowhere and startle a moose (or any…

Top Trails for Seeing Spring Wildlife

One of the most rewarding things about spending time on the trails is when you get see some of the larger varieties of wildlife. While hiking the trails around Laramie we've had a few sightings. Here's a quick rundown of the trails or trail system where we've seen the most wildlife. Curt Gowdy State Park: We've seen some deer hiking along the Stone Temple Circuit. Vedauwoo: We saw a bull moose hanging out grazing on a beaver pond. South Branch: We saw about 20 to 30 head of elk while hiking along the Stock Trail. While hiking the trails near…