3 Tips for Hiking with a Baby in a Front Carrier

When it comes to hiking with a baby in a front baby carrier a few simple tips can be the difference between a sore back the day after a hike and having steady footing on the trails. Here are 3 of our favorite tips for hiking with a baby in a front carrier. http://youtu.be/d85VBUeTyq0 How do you make hiking with a baby in a front carrier easier?  

The Trailhead Routine

One of the most important things I've learned about hiking with babies and toddlers is the importance of not starting a hike when my kiddos are hungry or when they have full diapers. Long gone are the days when I would just grab my pack out of the trunk and be on my merry little way. Taking 10-15 minutes at the trailhead to fuel up has prevented many tears on the trail. Here's a glimpse into our trailhead routine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hwmfIeHVcQ You know your family hikes a lot when your kids don't have a bedtime routine but they do have a…