DIY Cheese Wax Candle

Today's trail tip is inspired by one of our favorite food items on the trails, cheese! And of course, this 'pin', this article at Backpacker Magazine, and this blog post over at the awesome site, Since my goal with trail tips is to use whatever I have on hand and whatever I have that might be in my pack I used several layers of dental floss all squished together as a wick. My dental floss wick didn't burn for very long. So overall, while it's fun to eat cheese and make your own candles with cheese wax this is…

DIY Self-Igniting Fire Starter

Today's Monday Trail Tip is inspired by this "pin." We had visions of pyromania bliss using just a bit of wax, a few sheets of toilet paper and a few matches...but our hopes and dreams were shattered. That's okay, we can of think of better things to do with toilet paper, right? Has anyone had success with this tip? What did we do wrong?