How To Store Water Bottles

If you're like us every trip into the mountains requires several water bottles and travel mugs. The bin that I was using to store our water bottles and travel mugs has been my nemesis. It was a cluster of lids, random bottles (some with lids, some with missing lids) and chaos. I couldn't stand it any longer. So, I headed to the store and wandered the aisles looking for something, anything that could put an end to my water bottle woes. The solution: One of those shoe hangers that drapes over the door of our laundry room (make sure you…

DIY Straw Storage

Today's trail tip is inspired by this 'pin.' You can't visit a camping or backpacking board on pinterest without seeing how someone has cleverly used a simple straw to store everything from spices to Neosporin just by burning and crimping the edges. The internet is full of these perfect little bundles of small, lightweight containers, similar to what we did to make our straw fire starter in May. Well, we tried but failed at this project that seemed so simple and so hard to mess up. Has anyone had any luck making these or are we simply too impatient!?!!!

DIY Bug Spray

Last summer one of our most popular posts was about how to make bug spray out of vodka, it's 'pinned' here. Since it was such a hit, we're reposting it today with a slight modification, we took out the olive oil. Does anyone else have a recipe for homemade bug spray?

DIY Backpacking Cooler

Today's trail tip is inspired by this 'pin.' Have you ever finished up a long day of hiking and thought to yourself, "Gee, I could go for a cold drink and a cold bag of M&M's right now?" If you have (and you don't mind packing a little extra bulk and weight) this tip is for you. How much extra weight and space in your pack are you willing to give up for a cold drink at the end of a long day on the trail?

DIY Self-Igniting Fire Starter

Today's Monday Trail Tip is inspired by this "pin." We had visions of pyromania bliss using just a bit of wax, a few sheets of toilet paper and a few matches...but our hopes and dreams were shattered. That's okay, we can of think of better things to do with toilet paper, right? Has anyone had success with this tip? What did we do wrong?

DIY: Toddler Long Underwear

Last week I was inspired by Melissa at Adventure Tykes, who wrote an article 'Clothing Tips for Winter Fun' for Women's Adventure Magazine. One of the things that I struggle with the most is outfitting our toddler for the trails and staying on budget. Sometimes I have to get a little bit creative...and that means upcycling some of our old outdoor clothing into useful pieces of clothing for our toddler. In no way do I consider myself "crafty" or a "sewer" fact if you're a seamstress you have my permission to head back over to Pinterest because my sewing methods…